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Today, getting bodywork for your horse may seem like a luxury, but the day is quickly approaching when equine bodywork will be part of the package of true horsemanship, just like caring for their feet, their teeth, and their feed!  


Be on the cutting edge of horsemanship and create the comfort, connection and Flow you and your horse long for and have earned!  

(And maybe save yourself some vet bills down the line!!)



As this modality is working WITH your horse, it is helpful if we work together without a lot of extra distractions for your horse, i.e. feeding time, turn out time, workshops, camps, clinics, etc.  Therefore, this work is best if it is at all possible to pick a quiet time of the day and an area of the barn when and where your horse is in their "happy place," a time and a place when and where they feel safe. Usually, if your horse has a stall of his/her own, that seems to work best; however, if that isn't an option, a quiet corner of an arena, a grooming area, sometimes in the hallway ... these can work as well.  It is also preferable that there be no hay/feed immediately available.  This work feels really really good to them, but even those good feelings can't compete with the yummy hay/feed you offer them!  


Also, as we are working to release tension in areas where they hold the most tension, it is best to do this work at least 2 hours after any exercise.  This way their muscles can come down from firing and we can work on some of the deeper issues, rather than on an area where they are feeling immediate and/or temporary tension.





It is good to know that sometimes your horse may not be the only one who gets to experience a shift or a release.  You, too, may experience something change! Suddenly you may see your horse in a different light.


As your horse learns again to relax and soften they begin to relate to you on another level.   As we continue to work together, you are encouraged to continue to hone your skills of observation.  Observing not only your horse and how he/she moves, but also paying attention to your own body and how you move in the world.  When you are riding your horse, this can effect how they move in the world, too!  Sometimes, the areas that you have tension are the same areas your horse has tension ... hmmmm ....



If this is a first-time session with Beckie, for you or your horse, please take the time to click on the link below and print, fill out this form and bring it to the bodywork session.  Doing so will help to inform Beckie of any issues, concerns and history that your horse brings to the session. If you are unable to do so prior to the session, no worries, Beckie can do this when she arrives.  Also, if you were referred by an existing client please go here.  Thanks, much!

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