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Nothing is More Revealing Than Movement

Have you ever thought,
“If only my horse would …“?
Have you ever wished you could better connect with your horse?
Have you ever hoped to ease your horse's pain and discomfort?

For many reasons horses have stress and tension in their bodies that create "stuck" places. 

These stuck places also make them unwilling (or unable!) to do and be their best.


By working WITH your horse (not on your horse) Beckie Haynes can help release these areas of stress and tension that affect these, and many more, areas of movement and performance.

Beckie, a Masterson Method® Certified Practioner, Instructor, and Coach,

lets the horse's responses tell her where there is tension,

"focusing," to quote Jim Masterson, "on the key junctions of the body that most affect performance."  

To learn more about this method go here.


This is a non-invasive approach, which is easier on both the horse, and the human.  


But there is more than the release of physical tension, which helps the horse move in a way that is relaxed and responsive.


Mental, emotional, and psychological tension is released as well.


This allows you to better connect with your horse ... and ...


your horse is more willing and able to connect and perform with you!


This enhances your relationship and the quality of life you share!  


We think that's what it's all about!!  


Using The Masterson Method®

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